02 March 2021

  • New Added Docs section! For now, this contains the existing information from the About page, but over time it will be updated to include detailed guides, etc.
  • New You can now hide certain elements of the gamepad overlay (e.g. accelerator, brake, steering). This is useful in case you need to run multiple instances of TMViz for different controllers.
  • Fixed When steering axis is not set, the overlay shouldn't fallback to axis 0.

03 January 2021

  • Fixed Correctly handled edge case where selected button does not exist in the controller.
  • Fixed Improved overlay error UI.

29 December 2020

  • Fixed Fixed overlay not working when 2 or more controllers are connected.
  • New Allow selecting the active controller when 2 or more controllers are connected.

19 December 2020

  • Changed Revamped keybinds settings to support additional controller actions
  • Changed Major design tweaks
  • New Double-binds for steering
  • New Allow binding steering input to d-pad/non-axis buttons

02 December 2020

  • New You can now save your current settings. Settings are stored locally.
  • New Added colour picker to appearance customizer.
  • Fixed Steering deadzone settings now work properly.

11 November 2020

  • Fixed Addressed memory leak issue which causes overlay to freeze after a while.

09 November 2020

  • New Initial release.